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2m Speed Ladder

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2m Speed Agility Ladder.

5 adjustable 50cm rungs to vary training exercise.
Comes complete with carry bag.

The 2m Speed Ladder is the ideal piece of training equipment for improving players agility and footwork. As speed is becoming a continually important aspect of the modern game, it’s important that training drills which help a player improve their overall speed and agility are utilised within training sessions for all players, regardless of position.

The 2m Speed Ladder features 5 50cm rungs for training exercises and drills. The ladder is also adjustable, allowing coaches the ability to increase/decrease the sizes of the space in between the ladders to help keep training sessions fresh and challenging for players. The rungs are also in a hi-vis red colour which aids their visibility and makes them suitable for use in all weather conditions. Included with the 2m Speed Ladder is a carry bag which makes storage and transportation easy.

Speed is an essential part of the modern game, with the best players in the world also being among the fastest. Speed training is sometimes neglected at grassroots level but consistent and proper drills can in fact have a substantial effect on your players’ mobility. A good starting point is a speed ladder, which will not only encourage quicker movement but will improve your players’ footwork and nurture a correct running gait.

The flexible hi-vis rungs are adjustable so drills can be varied according to which aspect you would like to focus on.