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Mitre Impel Futsal Football

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Colour & Size

The Mitre Impel Training Futsal Football has been built for optimal control and close quarter passing.

These Mitre training footballs have been designed for a reliable performance and a durable lifespan.

Mitre training footballs are sold per ball or in a pack of 12.

The Mitre futsal football has a reduced rebound of 30%.

Training futsal football.


  • Reduced rebound 30%.
  • Grain finish non woven PU for increased feel and reduced wear on most Futsal surfaces.
  • Filled balanced bladder for true performance.
  • High performance high air retention dipped bladder.
  • Sold either per ball or in a pack of 12 with a ball bag (please note the ball bag may vary in brand and colour from the image shown).